You have a large variety to choose products from: toys, cosmetics, home decor, kitchen and toiletry, electronics, mobile accessories, car accessories, stationary, clothes, shoes, perfumes, watches and other accessories.

Firstly, select items that you want by clicking on “Add to cart”. Once you are ready and have selected all the items click on “Check out”. You will be taken to the next step where you can check all the items you are going to purchase and will be asked for your payment details and address. When you have entered all the required details, click “Place order now”.

You will be asked for your payment details at the time of placing an order. You can make the payment by debit/credit cards that support online payments through MasterCard or Visa OR you can also pay by cash, click on “Cash on delivery”.

Yes, the payment gateway is safe. We assure you that your credit/debit card details are safe and there won’t be any more transactions once you order have placed an order.

Once you have placed an order, you will receive an email from Madhoor and you can track the status of your shipment. When your order is ready, our logistics partner will get in contact with you to deliver the shipment.

You can track your order here: https://www.Madhoor.com/order-history or check the registered email. Madhoor will send you an email once the shipment is on the way for delivery.

There will be a period of 7 days after receiving the shipment in which you can return the product and get a refund but there has to be a valid reason as to why you wish to do so.

Our apologies as there can be one of the issues followed up:

  • Another customer has ordered the last quantity before you.
  • You internet connection is slow or you took too long to place an order.
  • Order cannot be delivered to your address.
  • Due to fraud prevention restrictions by the bank, in such a case, you can use another computer or location.
  • Failure with your banking system or payment of your choice.
  • Not enough funds available in your account.

The shipment might take 3 days from the date of confirmation. All efforts will be made to deliver within these days but if there is any delay from the logistics partner such could be the reason:

  • Public holidays.
  • Bad weather.
  • Political disruptions.
  • Other unforeseen circumstances.

SLNO. Weight (Kg) Charges (AED)
1 Up to 5 Kg 15
2 5 Kg - 10 Kg 25
3 10 Kg - 20 Kg 35
4 Above 20 Kg 45

Our apologies as there can be mishaps while packing the product by the suppliers. You can return the product back to us, where we send a new unit at the same time while collecting the previous order. When there is a part of the product missing it is important to contact customer service before clicking on the “Return” button.

Being our customer, you have the right to return the product within 7 days after receiving the order. You can help us by sending a feedback for each product to improve the image/video

Once the product is returned back to Madhoor we will process a refund within 7 working days. Refunds will only be processed after investigating the product if it was handled with care and not broken by deliberately.

Once you place an order on Madhoor, the webpage will be directed to the order tracking page where you have the option of cancelling your order before it is shipped by the website. After your order has been cancelled, Madhoor will process a refund back to your bank account, credit/debit card or wallet.

For now, we only ship orders to the UAE.

At the time you are asked to provide your payment details on the website, on the bottom right corner you can also enter the coupon code and click on “Apply”. The discount will be applicable and will reflect on the invoice. *Terms and Conditions applied.